We remind you that it is necessary for each participant in the event of September 1, 2019, to prepare a 1-liter glass bottle with a cork, containing spring water (e.g. Vâlcele water), and then it is necessary to bless the water at least 21 times.

Attention! The water should be blessed at least 21 times!

Those who do not know the Art of Blessing can appeal to the goodwill and altruism of those who know and are initiated into the Art of Blessing, to bless their water at least 21 times, in advance.

The blessings of the water will be realized 48 hours before the participation in this exceptional Event, that is starting from August 30, 2019, from 16:00.

By realizing the blessings of water in advance you will have no concern that you do not have the blessed water that is required for you to participate in this exceptional Event.

The blessed water can be used on the day of September 1, 2019, either before the start of the Event, in the preparatory stages, or when using the medicinal plants that will be offered free of charge on this occasion. The remaining water can be enjoyed as well after the completion of this spiritual action, in the following days, a full spoon 4 times a day, for example at 06:00 in the morning, 12:00 in the afternoon, at 18:00 in the afternoon, and at 9:30 pm in the evening, to continue the miraculous healing process that has began.

All of these will help you to have a necessary continuity in this miraculous healing process that has already been started with the participation in this exceptional Event.